If you feel you would benefit from seeing a counsellor or psychologist, please ask your GP to refer you. there is a wide range of services available in the local area.

The practice offers a Chlamydia screening service for both male and female 16-24 year olds. You can either collect a self screening kit from the surgery or make an appointment with one of our practice nurses. If you are aged over 24 years and have concerns regarding Chlamydia, please contact reception and make an appointment with one of our practice nurses.

All new mums will be invited to have a 6 week post-natal check. Babies will have a developmental check at the same time. Please contact the surgery for a triple appointment for you and your baby.

The doctor or nurse carries out regular reviews of patients with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, COPD or cancer. You will be monitored regularly and be invited for a full review once a year.

Influenza immunisation protects effectively against ‘true’ influenza. This vaccination is offered to all patients aged 65 and over and those less than 65 years with any long term condition such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and COPD, as well as those on long term steroids or immunosuppressants. This service is available from the beginning of October each year. Any patient fulfilling any of these criteria should contact the practice nurse to discuss having a routine vaccination each winter.

All non-NHS work such as holiday cancellation forms, To Whom It May Concern letters, private medical examinations/ certificates etc, will incur a fee. If you require any of these services, please contact reception as you may need to book an appointment outside normal surgery hours.

Self-certification forms for the first week of your illness are available from your employer or the surgery. If you remain unfit to work after this time a doctor’s note may be required by your employer. Please make an appointment to see the doctor for this. Private medical certificates for periods of time less than one week can be requested from the doctor. There is a fee payable for this certificate.

Advice on all forms of contraception is given. Coils are fitted at the surgery. Patients may register just for family planning advice. Please note we do not insert or remove contraceptive implants.

This service offers you quick access to your GP practice, where they know you and have your full medical record. We recommend this service instead of going to A&E at the hospital.
  1. Phone the surgery and explain to reception that you have an urgent problem
  2. Reception can then put you on the Duty Doctor list
  3. The Duty Doctor will ring you back within 2 hours
  4. The Duty Doctor will decide with you what you need, which could be:
    • Advice over the phone
    • An appointment at the surgery
    • A home visit if you are really not well
    • A referral to another service

The practice offers a confidential emergency contraception service. This service is available on a daily basis. The ‘Morning After’ pill is effective if taken during the 72 hours after you have been at risk. You can speak to our receptionists in absolute confidence to make an urgent appointment.

We provide advocacy services in the following languages:
Turkish – Every Monday PM, every Tuesday PM
Vietnamese & Chinese – Please ask at reception for advocacy booking

Please book an appointment with the reception team

The doctors carry out developmental checks by arrangement for infants’ around 6-8 weeks of age. Routine childhood vaccinations are carried out by the practice nurse by prior appointment. Parental permission is required for all vaccinations. If a parent or guardian is arranging for another responsible adult to bring the child for immunisation, this must be discussed with the nurse prior to the immunisation and consent must be provided in writing.

Cervical smears are provided by appointment with one of our nurses. These are routinely done between the ages of 25 and 65. Cervical smears are carried out every 3 years up until the age of 50 and, thereafter, every 5 years. Abnormal smears will be followed up more frequently.

Pneumococcal vaccination is offered to all children as part of the routine immunisation programme, however it is also offered to all patients aged 65 years and over and those less than 65 years with a long term condition. For most patients it is a single injection, but certain groups of patients may require a booster after 5 years.

These are available by appointment with the nurse. You will be required to complete a health questionnaire before your appointment in order to provide the nurse with as much information as possible. Please contact reception for further information at least 6 weeks before you intend to travel.

We are a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. This service is available to any person whether they are registered at the surgery or not but must be by prior appointment.

A fee is payable for the vaccination and certificate. There are a number of travel vaccinations provided by the NHS, however vaccines such as Rabies and Hep B are not provided under the NHS and therefore will incur a fee for the vaccine and administration. Please discuss your requirements with the practice nurse or contact reception for a price list.

If you wish to see a consultant privately you must discuss the matter in advance with your GP who will provide a referral letter if appropriate. Prescriptions from private consultants will not automatically be provided on an NHS prescription.

While we prefer to see young people with their parents, we are willing to offer a confidential and sympathetic consultation to any young person if requested, to offer advice about emotional development, contraception, health education, or any health related problem. Please make an appointment with the doctor or nurse.